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adminDecember 7, 2019


Turkey Recipes Information

When you’re looking for an economical and easy family dinner, a nice roasted turkey fills the bill. We all know there are hundreds of turkey recipes to make use of leftovers. Everyone has their favorite way of preparing the bird, probably the way Mom always has. The first time around, it’s the typical turkey, stuffing and gravy plus whatever your family’s traditions entail.

If you chose one of those twenty plus pounders, you’ll doubtless have lots of leftover turkey. That’s when you start to wonder, ”What am I going to do with all this turkey?”, as you’re packing the many portions into the freezer. Instead of a hundred turkey sandwiches, it’s nice to diversify and serve a variety of dishes that are chameleons of taste.

Depending on the turkey recipes you choose, you can represent a variety of cuisines so they’ll never know it’s that same bird they’re eating a month later. Here are a few ways to disguise the fact that you’re serving turkey for the fourth time this month.

If you and your family are the adventurous sort of eaters, you’ll get the biggest bang for your culinary dollar by using turkeyrecipes that span several cuisines. It’s doubtful you can identify a cuisine into which turkey cannot fit.

Mexican turkey recipes include tacos, quesadillas, enchiladas and rice dishes, seasoned in spicy Mexican tradition, replete with cayenne, cumin, other hot peppers, fresh diced tomatoes, guacamole and onions, salsa and sour cream. Think of the possibilities!


Turkey Recipes – Different Flavors

Turkey recipes with a Chinese flavor are another set of dishes and seasonings, with therefore yet a new take on this same wonderful bird. Try cooking up a batch of rice in chicken broth, seasoned with Chinese Five Spice, a heavenly, fragrant seasoning that makes you want to chew slowly! Toss in some leftover bite-sized turkey pieces, a can of water chestnuts, green onions and sweet red peppers. Another leftover turkey recipe that tastes completely different and says, ”I’m new!”.

Let’s see what turkeyrecipes may be suited to Indian cuisine. Turkey curry comes first to mind. A good curry blend, chunks of turkey, vegetables and coconut milk, served over rice with Chappatis transports the diner far away from that initial turkey and gravy dinner.

Well dressed Italian turkey recipes include Turkey Parmesan, a delectable dish consisting of turkey, pasta, Parmesan cheese, garlic and a tomato based sauce. For a dish of a different complexion, try turkey, sliced mushrooms, green onions, with Parmesan, Romano or Asiago cheese in a butter and cream sauce.

So, with just these few suggestions, you’ve got eight different turkey recipe family meal ideas. You may just be able to serve that giant turkey for two months to come, with the bonus of applause from your family with each new dish.