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A picnic table is basically a flat table with removable chairs, intended for impromptu outdoor eating. This term is often used to describe round tables with an A frame base. These tables can be called “picnic tables” when only used outdoors. There are various styles of picnic tables.

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Since the 1980s, picnic tables have become a summer tradition that families and couples share with family or friends. In some cases the couple or family may choose to bring their own picnic table to the park, where it is joined by a cracker and a jar of fruit. Sometimes, the park provides a picnic table with all the necessary picnic foods. Sometimes, a single table can have both a picnic table or a griddle.

There are many varieties of picnic tables. The most basic type is made of metal with a flat bottom. For easier cleanup, many picnic tables today have a removable paper plate in their lids. Some picnic tables come with reusable plastic liners that can easily be washed and re-used over the years.

Picnic tables can also be made from a variety different materials. The most common type of picnic table is constructed from metal with a wood top. Other picnic table tops are made from vinyl, polypropylene or aluminum. Picnic tables come in a variety of seat plans.

One of the more popular picnic tables is the folding picnic table. Most folding picnic tables are made from plastic or another lightweight material. These tables have thinner seat planks than traditional wood picnic tables. This allows for fold down covers. These covers can be closed with Velcro or hook-and-loop closures. The cover folds up right over the seat of the table to protect it from getting dirty or ruined.

Picnic tables are available in a variety of different sizes. Some prefer a larger table that can accommodate many people. A person may also want to buy accessories to go along with their picnic table such as a blanket, a picnic hat, and a cooler for refreshments. A pencil stand is another useful accessory for picnic tables. Charming Bench Company is one great place to find top quality brands of picnic tables at affordable prices.