Eukanuba Dog Food (Canned)


This particular type of dog food is an example of a lower-quality commercial food. The Eukanuba dog food rating is at a lower range, deserving only two out of five stars because of a number of different factors (which we’ll go into later). If you buy this commercial dog food already, or are considering it for your dog, then keep reading this Eukanuba dog food review for more information. This review will contain information regarding Eukanuba dog food nutrition, its ingredients, tips on where to buy Eukanuba dog food, as well as information on the Eukanuba dog food price.

History of Eukanuba Dog Food

Eukanuba is one of the more commonly known dog foods because it is a commercial product and can be found on shelves in any major store. They also spend quite a bit on advertising, which can significantly increase the price of their products. This probably means they have less money to spend on their ingredients and the formula of their products. Nevertheless, this dog food which is manufactured by Procter & Gamble does provide the dogs with sufficient enough nutrition. Because it is manufactured by such a large corporation, it may not be as nutritious as premium dog foods, but it will do in a pinch.

Eukanuba Dog Food Ingredients

The main reason why commercial products are lower quality than premium products is the fact that the quality of ingredients is simply not the same. To save money on manufacturing in order to give marketing a bigger budget, some commercial companies substitute some of the higher quality ingredients with feed grade quality ingredients. As an example, the fourth ingredient on this dog food is chicken by-product, which is essentially all the parts of a chicken which are leftover after it is processed for human consumption. Chicken by-products can include anything from the beak, heads, feet, and even undeveloped eggs (except feathers).

There are several controversial ingredients in this pet food including wheat gluten, an inexpensive filler which also boosts the protein content of the food. However, it makes this food unavailable for sensitive dogs. Another ingredient is meat by-product, which can be anything that is left over from a slaughterhouse process. However, since the type of meat is unspecified, it can pretty much be anything from beef, pork, or even road kill or diseased and dying live stock.

Notable Ingredients:


Chicken liver

Chicken by-product

Wheat gluten

Meat by-products

Dried beet pulp

Eukanuba Dog Food Coupons

It’s entirely possible to find coupons for Eukanuba dog food if you would like to buy them for cheaper. This pet food is available in all major stores and may as well be available in pet and feed stores.

Eukanuba Dog Food Review and Rating

If you look at the amount of protein, fat and carbohydrate content of this dog food, it may seem above average. However, the low quality of the ingredients as well as low regard for complete dog nutrition (vitamins and minerals are not chelated) makes this dog food deserve only a two star rating for its formulation. This dog food will do if you have no other choice, but it is not recommended if you can afford better quality food for your beloved pet.

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