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The PR company for Eurostar’s Little break, Big difference campaign recently invited some food bloggers on a culinary day trip to Lille in northern France. Little break, Big difference encourages people to take short breaks to Paris, Brussels and Lille on the Eurostar, (which can cost as little as £59 return, subject to all those terms and conditions!), introducing special events and experiences in these cities. The itinerary was packed with food activities, and it was hard to resist. I was initially hesitant about going, given the recent furore over food bloggers accepting PR freebies. However, I do enjoy traveleating and I would have wanted to visit Lille anyway to see what it has to offer foodies, so I decided to accept the invitation.

I love the research and planning part of any traveleating trip and can spend months choosing restaurants and places to visit (I’ve been doing this since July for the November Japan trip!). It was therefore a little strange to be handed an itinerary, even though it was entirely food-related, and to be guided around the city, when I’m very much an independent traveller. I had decided not to do any research whatsoever, so everything we did on Saturday was entirely new to me.

Lille city centre is no more than a ten minute walk from the train station. We wandered up and down little cobbled streets in the old quarter known as Vieux Lille lined with independent shops, cafés, restaurants and boutiques, – Rue de la Monnaie looked particularly exciting – as well as walking around two pretty squares, the Place du General-de-Gaulle and Place du Théâtre. The area is very photogenic and I loved the architecture, so it wasn’t long before I decided I would be returning to Lille again very soon.

We visited Meert, a traditional pâtisserie and tea room that has been open since 1761 (there is also the restaurant, see website below for more details) and sampled La Gaufre Meert, their famous Madagascan vanilla-filled waffles (€2.80), which you can also buy in small gift boxes in the adjoining shop. A few people also ordered their other speciality, the Merveilleux, a gigantic chocolate-coated meringue filled with rich chocolate mousse (€5.50). They have a good selection of teas, but I had a non-alcoholic fruit cocktail, the Intensive Cherry Cactus (€6.00), a delicious thick and definitely intense berry drink. I also bought a little packet of florentines from the shop afterwards.

The next stop was L’atelier des Chefs (a chain of cookery schools in France, London and Dubai where you learn to make two or three courses for lunch and dinner, then eat what you have prepared), where we were divided into four teams and following instructions from the chef, learned to make lunch for ourselves, which we ate at the communal dining table. Very fresh pan-fried cod lacquered with honey and beer sauce on a bed of vegetables was followed by tiramisu.

We were soon on the move again, to the regional beer and cheese tasting, which was held in the basement of La Capsule bar. Unfortunately, due to a family emergency, the cheese shop owner had to close his shop, so he couldn’t attend to introduce the cheeses. I was disappointed as I fell deeply in love with the smelliest and strongest of all the sampled cheeses, the Maroilles, and wanted to buy some to take home. I also liked the Crayeux de Ronqc and the Mimolette, a hard orange cheese, which I’ve had before in London. Philippe Olivier is therefore most definitely on my must-visit list for my next trip, as there is also the ‘cousin’ of the Maroilles, Vieux Lille, also known as ‘the Lille stinker’, which I want to try!

The beer expert more than made up for the cheese owner’s absence however, and he described in detail the four specialty beers local to Lille and the north of France. I’m not a beer drinker, but I particularly liked La Bavaisienne, an amber beer, and later bought a bottle from La Capsule’s specialty regional beer shop L’Abbaye des Saveurs, just round the corner. The beer later got its seal of approval from the husband patiently waiting at home for food treats. By the time we were back on the train again, I could barely sit upright from all the food I had consumed.

If I were to organise my own day trip to Lille, I would have a leisurely breakfast at Meert, then buy plenty of goodies from the adjoining shop. The bakery, Aux Merveilleux de Fred, that we walked past twice also looked very enticing, as did Patisserie Patrick Hermand. With just one day to explore the city and with so much to eat and do however, I wouldn’t attend a cookery course again. I like L’atelier des Chefs very much, and there is one in London which I’ve been to, but I would much rather dine in some local restaurants where I wouldn’t have to do the cooking! There are also numerous cafés and little food shops where I would love to spend time browsing, and of course the upscale independent shops selling clothes and interiors. The beer shop and the cheese shop would be essential stops towards the end of the day. And I would try to time my trip to visit the open market, Marché de Wazemmes, (Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday mornings). However, the Little Break trip was certainly an excellent introduction to Lille (thank you to everyone at We Are Social), and has inspired me to do more research and return very soon.

The day’s events are also told in this set of Lille photos on Flickr, which can be viewed here, posted in reverse chronological order (last photo appears first). You can also watch We Are Social’s short You Tube video of the day here.

Travel information:

We travelled courtesy of Eurostar in Leisure Select, which I’ve never heard of before, but it’s the class between Standard and Business Premier. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included, depending on the time of travel, as well as a complimentary glass of champagne before lunch and dinner. The breakfast, strangely, was far better than the dinner. Perhaps we were too full from good food in Lille?

We took the 06:59 train from St Pancras, arriving in Lille an astonishing 90 minutes later, at 09:27. After a short ten minute walk, we were already in the city centre. It was very easy to walk around the little streets and explore the city, and there was no need for taxis or public transport as stayed in the centre.

We returned on the 18:35 train, arriving back at St Pancras at 19:03 UK time. It was a long day, but definitely manageable. I’m now debating whether to do a day trip, leaving slightly later in the morning and returning on a later train after dinner, or stay overnight and have a more relaxing weekend.

Contact details:

Meert Patisserie – Salon de thé 27 rue Esquermoise 59000 Lille France Tel: 0033 (0)3 20 57 07 44

Opening Hours : Monday: Closed Tuesday to Friday: 9.30am-7.30pm Saturday: 9.00am-7.30pm Sunday: 9.00am-1.00pm/3.00pm-7.00pm

L’atelier des Chefs 74 Boulevard de la Liberté 59000 Lille France Tel: 0033 (0)3 20 17 17 50

L’Abbaye des Saveurs 13, rue des Vieux Murs 59000 Lille France Tel/ Fax: 00 33 (0)3 28 07 70 06

Fromagerie Philippe Olivier 3 Rue Curé St Etienne 59800 Lille France Tel: 00 33 (3) 20 74 96 99

Food bloggers:

The food bloggers (and one wine blogger) who went on the trip were a mixture of old friends and new acquaintances, all writing about very different subjects within the vast realm of food (and drink).

Niamh from Eat Like A Girl Chris from Cheese and Biscuits Helen from Food Stories Kang from LondonEater Krista from londonelicious MsMarmitelover from The English Can Cook Andrew Barrow from Spittoon Liz from Gastronomy Domine Margot from Coffee and Vanilla Michelle from Greedy Gourmet Stephen and Kerri from Dinner Diary

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Sports nutrition is playing a vital role in sports performance. Either a person plays hockey or football, the including of the nutrition will improve the performance. Many nutrients are available in the diet for intake with the food. The correct balance of the vitamins and minerals will provide success to the athletes in the sports. All the ingredients are offering proper nutrition to sports athletes.


Nutrition and sports nutrition are two different things and do not mix up. Participation in sports will need more nutrients for athletes. The boosting of energy is excellent for better performance in the various leagues. The advice can be taken from the experts about the correct amount of sports nutrition. The dieting is done to have significant benefits in performing in sports.


Essentials to check for sport nutrition diet


  • Reduction in the dehydration of athletes – The consumption of sports nutrition will reduce the dehydration situations in the athletes. The performing of the sports activities will reduce the fluids in the body. The drinking of the water will provide proteins and nutrients to the people. The fulfilment of the nutritional requirement is with the protein diet, and the overall performance of the athletes is improved with the sports nutrition diet.


  • Power to the athletes to perform in sports – The correct amount of the minerals and vitamins is necessary for the sports nutrition diet. The energy level of the people is boost with the intake of sports nutrition. It provides strength and endurance to the sportsperson. All the benefits are provided when proper nutrition is offered to the people. The consumption of the diet is excellent to provide energy power to the people. The performing in sports is effective with the right amount of the nutrients.


  • Provides energy to the athletes – The carbohydrates of the sports nutrition diet are converted into glucose. The performing in different sports is excellent with the consumption of the carbohydrates. The proportion of the minerals and vitamins is significant to have the benefits in the sports performance. A consult can be made to the experts to know about energy efficiency. The supplements should suit the personality of the people.


  • Availability of the proteins for sports performance – The selection of the food is made to improve the protein level in the body. The purchasing of the eggs and nuts can be there to have a better athletic performance. The percentage of the protein is fifteen to twenty per cent for better results. The intake of sports nutrition is with the best possible way to fulfil the requirements of the people, and the proportion of the protein is required to be perfect to get the desired results.


In wrapping up, the performance of the sportsperson is excellent to have the best results. The finding out of the proper nutrition will offer plenty of benefits to the people. The real and genuine information is provided to people to perform well in sports.


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For the maximum achievement, the nutritional information requires being accurate and complete with the athletes. The consumption of the nutrients in performing sports is necessary for the athletes. The intake of sports nutrition will increase sports performance. Drinking plenty of water and a balanced diet is not enough for athletes to perform better in sports. Besides it, additional nutrients are provided with sport nutrition proteins in the diet.


Proper training will offer many benefits to the athletes for participating in different leagues. The creation of physical energy will provide more excellent performance. Good nutrients should be available in the nutritious diet, and the ability of the sportsperson is increased with the including of the proteins. The power and strength of the people are enhanced with the intake of the nutrition protein.


Prepares the athletes for a training session – The intake of the sports nutrition protein with the diet will prepare the athletes for a training session. The formula of the diet is useful for the benefit of the people. The supplements information is provided to the people to include it in the diet. The ability of the athletes is enhanced with the intake of sports nutrition. The attending of the training session is sufficient for the people.


Significant sports nutrition source for intake – If the source of nutrition protein is useful, then the benefits with the athletes are increased. The information is provided to the people to select the right amount of the proteins. The recognition of the honourable source will increase the benefits with a diet containing the sports nutrition diet. The formulating of the protein is great to have the desired performance in the sports. All the information is provided to the people to intake the proteins.


Increases the fitness level and work routine –Sports nutrition protein will enhance the fitness level and work routine of the athletes. The duration of the exercise is the right one to have the benefits of the people. The protein will play a vital role in enhancing the fitness of the athletes. The building of the new muscle tissues is excellent to have the desired benefits. It is one of the best sources of energy for the health and ability of the athletes.


Increases the energy level in sports – It is one of the best ways to enhance athlete performance. The level of energy is great with the intake of the sports nutrition protein in the diet. The amount of the protein is the right one for the benefit of the people. All the information is provided to enhance the abilities and performance in the competitions and leagues. The advice of professionals can be taken to boost the energy level among the sportspeople.


The bottom line –

If a person is interested in the intake of the sports nutrition protein, then the benefits information is provided. The health of the people becomes healthy and fit to participate in different sports.


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Sports nutrition plays a vital role in the physical health of athletes. Whether a person is a bodybuilder or athlete, the training and proper diet will enhance the physical and mental health. Different nutrients are available in sports nutrition to prevent injuries. The components available in the diet will result in quick recovery from the injuries to perform excellently in the sports.


Plenty of services are offered to the athletes to perform excellently in the sports. The goals of the person are attained with the support from the healthy diet. A plan can be formed for meeting the requirements of the people, and sports nutrients are filled with fuel for the body. The health will remain healthy and fit for sportsperson performing in different sports. Essential nutrients included in the sports nutrition are listed below –



What are the nutrients available in the sport nutrition?


  • Carbohydrates as an ingredient –There are two forms of carbohydrates – starchy and complex for physical and mental health. Both the forms have benefit for the performing in the sports. The balanced diet is full of minerals and fibre for the athletes. The selection of the right diet is made to have the benefits to physical health. The ability of the people is enhanced for more remarkable results in different sports.


  • Fats as an ingredient in sports nutrition – Fat is an essential ingredient for the excellent health of the people. It is an excellent source of energy for athletes to perform in different sports. The monitoring over the weight is done to reduce the risks to health. There is no health-related concerns for the people and delivers the best results in injury recovery. The consumption of processed food is sufficient to provide benefits.


  • Protein as an ingredient – Protein is available in every cell of the body for performing in the sports. The repairing of the tissue is significant due to the injuries in the physical body. The building blocks of the bones and skin with blood is excellent to have the desired results. The eating of the fish and eggs will provide benefits to the people. The including of the protein in sports nutrition will increase the benefits of participating in sports.


  • Supplements as the nutrition ingredients – The bodybuilders will take the supplements to have great performance in the sports. The strength of the people is improved along with the recovery as different forms of the supplements are available for the benefit. The selection of the right nutrition will help in the more excellent performance in the sports. All the information is provided to people to have a pleasant experience.


The final words –

The athletes are provided with sports nutrition to improve health. All the correct amount of information is provided to the athletes for intake and performing in the sports. The balanced diet will suit the requirements of the physical body. The suitability of the supplement is checked ton consume the nutrients in the sports nutrition.


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Anyone who works hard to get into healthy shape knows the benefits of nnatural supplements. Staying in shape can be a challenge, especially when you have a budget to consider. Many products are very expensive and you might find yourself losing stamina if you don’t keep up with the necessary natural supplements that help you along. Fortunately, discount sports nutrition suppliers are available to help you stay on track.

Discount sports nutrition suppliers can be found in a number of places. You can find any supplement that you need through these companies. Whether you are looking to slim down, bulk up or maintain a great shape, discountsportsnutrition can be the solution to your budget woes.

I was really into using fish oil supplements along with fat burners to help me maintain a slender figure. This also took a lot of exercise as well. When I found myself out of work I had to give up some of my natural supplements because they weren’t priority in my budget. Not only was I out of work but I was getting out of shape.

Supplements and Discount Sports Nutrition

The supplements that you can buy through discount sports nutrition suppliers are a must for some of us. When I don’t take the natural supplements I just don’t have the energy to work out. This leads to a very dangerous cycle of inactivity and weight gain. While I can’t attribute my weight loss and my weight gain entirely to discountsportsnutrition products, I do believe that there is a correlation.

Basically, I needed to get my priorities straight. While supplements might seem like a frivolous purchase, it really wasn’t in my case. After all, the money I would have spent on discount sports nutrition products was spent on pizza delivery. Once I took into account how much I could spend I started weighing my options.

With the savings offered by the discount sports nutrition supplier I could easily afford to continue my program. That is, if I stopped spending money on take-out every week. Soon the products were at my doorstep and I was on my way to a speedy figure recovery. This process gave me energy and stamina and I soon found that I had the confidence to interview for another job.

Now that I have a new job I really don’t need to order from the discount sports nutrition supplier but I still do. I could always use the money that I save for other things, like new clothes.

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If the athlete has a nutritional education, then the performance is like a professional. Some people have nutrition information, while others will not have it. The individuals should know about the correct amount of the nutrients for the mental and physical health of the people. The diet is included in the daily routine of the people. The intake of the nutrients will provide plenty of benefits to the sportsperson.


Athletic schools and clubs will provide complete education to the people for performing in the sports. The implementation of the right tips is there to have the benefits from sports nutrition. Learning of the nutrients education is excellent to perform in sports. The importance of knowledge should be available with the people to have the desired results.


  • Education about meal planning and replacement tips


People should educate themselves about the value of sports nutrition. The planning of the meal and is excellent to have more outstanding performance in the sports. The weight-loss is possible with the intake of the best nutritional food or diet. The education is provided through the professional and experts to get the desired results. Without the nutrition knowledge, the recovery from sports injuries is not possible for the athletes. The best choice is made with the implementation of the right tips.


Sports and nutritional programs are conducted for creating awareness about the benefits. No matter a person is a professional or beginner, the complete education is required for the planning of the meal. The selection of the right food will increase the performance of the sportsperson. The participating in the competition is effective with learning through the programs. All the information is provided to the athletes to perform in the sports.


  • Education about the proportions of sports nutrition


The body of the athletes is fueled with vitamins and nutrients. All the education is provided about the correct amount of nutrition to get the desired results. The performance of the athletes in different competitions is excellent to have the benefits, and the preparing for the competitions is ideal to have the winnings in sports. The selection of the right proportion will offer an excellent diet in experience for the sportsperson.


The studying of sports nutrition is sufficient for the excellent performance of the people. All the information is provided to the people to have the correct vitamins and minerals for the human body. Learning about the topic will meet the requirements of the person. The athletes will reach at the top of the sports competitions with a balanced diet. The performance of the people is excellent with complete information about the correct proportion.


Conclusion –

In a nutshell, education about nutritional supplements is provided to the people. The building of the muscles and body is great to participate in the competitions and leagues. All the correct information is provided to the athletes to enhance the ability in sports performance.


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 Sports nutrition is a significant role in physical and mental health. The balanced diet is a supporting element for the athletes to perform better in the sports. The understanding of the ingredients is necessary for the intake of sports nutrition. People should understand sports nutrition, as there is a difference. With the help of the supplements information, the selection of the right balanced diet.


For significant results, contact can be established with the experienced nutritionist. People should have excellent specialization in the preparing of the meal. The suitability of the nutrient can be checked to have the benefits in sports performance. The correct and real information about the supplements is provided to the athletes. The following are the things included in the supplements for better performance.


What to know to perform well in sports?


1, Creatine in the sports nutrition – It is the high-energy compound for the restoring of the energy in the athletes. The production of the energy is in the body of the people. The consumption of meat and fish will complete the supplement for better sports performance as women can intake the supplements for the benefit in the performance in different sports. The building of the muscle strength is excellent to have benefits in the sports competition.


  1. Whey Protein in the sports nutrition – It is the natural protein which is present in the milk for consumption. The natural supplement will provide massive benefits to the athletes, and there is the perfect combination of the amino acids and chain of the proteins. Intense training is offered to people for better performance. The repairing and rebuilding of the muscles are excellent to have the desired results in sports and competitions. The leaning of the muscle tissue is excellent with the intake of sports nutrition.


How can professional help provided to the athletes?

With the sports nutritionist, the preparation of the perfect plan is there. The individual goals of the people are achieved with assistance from the experts. The drinking and eating habits of the sportsperson are changed for the changes in the sports performance.


  • Professional help will increase the level of energy in the body. The performance in sports is excellent for better results in the competition.
  • It will promote the good health of the athletes. The information about the balanced diet is provided to the sportspeople.
  • The management of the weight is great with nutrients like vitamins and minerals. There is a reduction in the excessive weight of the sports body.
  • The concentration of the athletes improves with the right nutrition. All the information is provided to the people to have the desired results.
  • The composition of the body and growth is effective to meet the desired results. The results in sports performance are great with education.


Thus, the understanding of the sports nutrition supplement is effective for the sportsperson. For more details, a visit can be made at the right sports nutrition supplement website.


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Crumble is an all-time favourite of mine and yet I’ve never made it before. Boarding school lunches and dinners were made all the more palatable with the anticipation of a large bowl of fruit crumble drenched with an extra portion of steaming hot custard. We would sometimes get seconds too, if we were very lucky. It marked the perfect end to a not-so-great meal. I’m not fussy about the fruit used in a crumble. Rhubarb, apple, pear, blackberry and other berries are all wonderful. The texture and thickness of the crumble topping, as well as the proportion of crumble to fruit, are more important factors for me. I need a lot of crumble and even more hot custard (although some people like it cold!).

I reviewed Mark Hix’s British Regional Food a few months ago and came across his recipe for apple and blackberry crumble, which I’ve been meaning to make ever since. When our ever generous neighbour gave us some Bramley apples from his allotment, the husband wandered outside the house to pick some ripe blackberries from the bushes on our lane, and we were all set to make crumble (if you’re wondering why I still have blackberries, I don’t. This post was written weeks ago when the berries were still fat and juicy!).

Ingredients: (with my comments in italics)

good knob of butter (

I took this to mean a good scoop with a knife)

3 large Bramley apples, peeled, cored and roughly chopped

75g caster sugar

150g blackberries and / or any other berries like blueberries or elderberries

thick or clotted cream, or custard, to serve

for the crumble topping

40g cold unsalted butter, cut into small pieces

30g ground almonds

60g caster sugar

80g plain flour

What to do next:

Preheat the oven to 190C / gas 5.

First make the filling – melt the butter in a pan, add the apples and sugar, and cook for 6-7 minutes, stirring occasionally until they begin to break down but are not too soft.

Remove from heat and stir in the blackberries (and other berries). Put in a suitable ovenproof pie dish or small individual pie dishes (which I greased).

Mix all the topping ingredients in a food processor or mixer, or rub between your fingers until they look like breadcrumbs (I did the latter). I also doubled the amount of crumble topping, as it didn’t look like there would be quite enough to form a thick layer.

Sprinke the crumble topping over the top of the filling and bake in the preheated oven for 30-40 minutes, until the top is golden brown. (Our oven behaves rather erratically, so the crumble was ready in 20 minutes).

Serve with thick or clotted cream, or custard.

I used shop-bought custard from Waitrose. It’s also delicious with some pouring cream added on top of the custard. After two helpings though, I knew I had over-indulged…

What are your favourite fruits for crumble? Do you prefer custard or cream? And do you know the origins of crumble? According to Wikipedia, it originated during the Second World War in Britain, but I thought it was a lot older than that…

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Today’s generation is full of food lovers who love to eat food from different places while travelling and wants to experience a better environment. The people who are engaged in making food vlogs and love to taste the food of different places due to which they prefer to travel a lot. Most of the people go on Foodie Break that helps them to experience the food of different places and allows them to understand the taste of different places.

If you are a food lover and love to taste food items of different places, then you must know about the places so that you can set your budget accordingly and have a wonderful experience. Once you know about all the places, then it will be great for you to keep perfect control over your budget and buy different food items accordingly. When you visit places famous for different food items, then it will help you to increase your knowledge about the food and also allows you to have a wonderful taste in different places.

If you want to know about those places where you can spend your breaks by experiencing the best food with a low budget, then you can consider the below points. It will help you to know about the game and also helps you to know about the best food item of that particular place.

Budapest, Hungary

  • This place is famous for underground bars and goulash, which makes this place more famous and popular and encourage people to visit them once.
  • To experience such places, food lovers plan to go on Foodie Break and prefer to spend their money with a proper set of budget.

Naples, Italy

  • Naples, Italy is famous for breath-taking views and pizzas that attracts people the most and also allows them to have the best experiences of their lives with great views.
  • This place is famous for its view and especially for the pizzas that attract especially the food lovers and make them carry their bags and move on.

Krakow, Poland

  • It is a place which is famous for its historic buildings and hearty food that allows food lovers to go on a Foodie Break to experience the hearty food of this place made with pure love.
  • The people of this place is so helpful and patient that they treat a stranger like their own family member and help them to feel the warmth.

Athens, Greece

  • This place is famous for its classic dishes and local wines that make people feel special somehow as it attracts people with more curiosity.
  • Once you visit this place to spend your breaks, then it will allow you to grab all the best classic dishes experience that you might not get anywhere else.


When you pay attention to the above points, then it will help you to know about some best places that you can select as your Foodie Break. It will help you to have the best food experience in such a low budget and will also allow you to have more knowledge about different food items.

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Most of the people love to have different food items as their refreshments which helps them to get energy and also allows them t have a good time. Usually, people have various tastes and preferences due to which they love to have different food items as their refreshments. Some people prefer to have fruits and some fast food, so it depends upon your preferences. When someone plans to have a Foodie Break, then he usually opts for travelling to different places and experience new food items, but some are not allowed to travel, so they prefer to have some basic refreshments.

Some people want to have the best experience of their lives by eating the best food item and also allows them to have a wonderful time. If you get to know about small refreshing food items, then you can make your break a refreshing break. Once you are all aware of the refreshments, then it will help you to know about multiple new things and names that can allow you to become a more knowledgeable person. Try to be attentive towards the following points for grabbing more details about the refreshment food items. It will enable you to enhance your current knowledge and makes you feel better after eating those food items.

  • Broccoli – Broccoli is that food item that can help you to get the best vitamins, i.e., vitamin K and C, which is very beneficial for your body and skin. It is also rich in folate and chromium, and you can also get various other benefits from it such as manganese, potassium, copper, etc.


  • Cucumber – It is considered as one of the most refreshing food items and helps food lover to spend the best Foodie Break and also allows them to grab much more benefits. Cucumbers help the people to keep their bodies hydrated and also allows them to have proper minerals and nutrients required by your body.


  • Celery – This food item is rich in vitamins and minerals and helps you to keep your body safe and healthy. It is an excellent source of vitamin C, K, potassium, antioxidants, folate and vitamin B6. You can easily opt for this food item as it is refreshing and much better than fast food.


  • Blueberries – Blueberries are one of the best and a good source of vitamin K, which helps you to have the benefits to your body. It also helps you to get the manganese and other antioxidants, which helps to keep the body hydrated and away from various diseases. Try to have it in your Foodie Break for the best refreshment during your break time.

Wrap It Up

When you consider the above points, then it will help you to know about some of the best refreshment foods for your Foodie Break. It will help you to intake those food items which are healthy for your body and also allows you to grab some beneficial vitamins and minerals from it. Once you get info about all the benefits provided by the above food items, then you will consider them to have them.